Future Bright Group was established in 1984. It is the largest food and beverage enterprise in Macau. Currently, there are over 40 restaurants and 1,600 employees. Future Bright was listed in Hong Kong Main Board Stock Market (stock no. 0703HK) in 2007. The investment news could be browsed through


Food and Beverage is the core business of Future Bright Group. With the supports from its customers and experienced executive team, it has laid out a good business foundation and established a wide variety of restaurant brands and types of cuisine including Cantonese, Shanghai, Taiwanese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Hot Pot, Chinese Herbal Supplements, Congee & Noodles, Food Court and Canteen. Future Bright Group holds on the principle of providing premium foods, quality service and comfortable environment. It brings out a full range of superior dining experience to the customers. With its roots in Macau, Future Bright Group also expands its business to overseas. Since 2014, different style restaurants has been opened  in Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Taiwan. Continue to expand the group business map.

Food Souvenir

Future Bright Group has entered the Macau food souvenir market by rebuilding the long-history brand – “Macau Yeng Kee Bakery”, and inviting Mr. Tam Wing Lun, Alan, the active and well-known Super Star as the spokesperson.
Macau Yeng Kee Bakery has been providing the traditional, special and delicious souvenirs to tourists since 1928. Now, Macau Yeng Kee Bakery is energized again with a brand new image “The Premium Gift”. It offers a wide variety of food souvenirs like the unique scallop almond cookie, egg-yolk almond cookie, green tea egg roll, chocolate egg roll, meat jerky, phoenix egg roll, nougat, preserved fruit, and more. Macau Yeng Kee Bakery will satisfy every customer no matter what their tastes are.  

Food Trading

In order to cope with the future development of the Group, Nippon Gourmet Trading Company Ltd. was established in 2010. It specializes in importing premium Japanese food products and supplying to the Group’s Japanese restaurants and other five star hotels in Macau.


Other Business

Besides food and beverage, Future Bright Group also involves some other businesses. Future Bright Amusement Park has a standard bowling center and the one and only real ice rink in Macau. Future Bright Laundry and Future Bright Property Management are the other 2 operations managed by the Group.


Future Bright Club

Future Bright Club loyalty program was established by Future Bright Group in 2000. It was the first to introduce the advanced smart card membership system in Macau. It enables a strong customer database for all valuable marketing intelligence. The smart card provides a new patronage experience and many benefits to the members, like special discount in mooncake, Chinese new year pudding, rice dumpling, and exclusive offers of promotional dishes.


Bank of China‧Future Bright Gourmet Card

Future Bright Group and Bank of China Macau Branch jointly launched the “Bank of China – Future Bright Gourmet Card” in December 2012. It is the first food-and-beverage theme UnionPay credit card and also the first smart credit card with embedded security chip in Macau.